We have duties under the Occupational Safety & Health Rules & Regulation, to provide and to promote  a healthy and safe working environment as far as is reasonably practicable. To ensure compliance and enforcement of the rules and regulations, the company abides by the following Safety & Health Policy,

Health Policy 

Activities that may result in occupational injury or illness, Health hazards and environmental pollution are recognized before execution with our implemented procedures to avoid, controlled and mitigate against its impact, Palegia Technical Services Ltd maintains a medical retainership scheme with medical professionals and government approved hospitals within its area of

operations to supplement first aid treatment, medical evaluation as well as evacuation in case of emergency.

Safety Policy 

Our philosophy accords priority to the health and welfare of our staffs, protection of company assets and the environment is also a primary concern. We think safety first in all our activities and have a zero tolerance to compromise when it comes to safety, we  promote safety oriented attitude and respect the environment, educating our staffs periodically with safety awareness programs and comply with applicable national and international safety regulations.


Environment Policy 

We recognize our  responsibility towards the protection of the environment and the need to live green therefore we develop  policies as a guide to  both management and employees to take the prevention of pollution and other environmental hazards into consideration in their operational activities.


Quality Policy 

We are committed to quality and value adding solutions for our customers’ needs by providing them  with the best quality materials and services that completely meet their requirements every time.
With a continual strive to attain a leading  edge quality services in order to sustain our ambitions, the company will operate in accordance with ISO 9001 regulations ensuring that all staff  are properly trained and quality oriented to add value not only to us also to the customer